The 9th Tensions of Europe conference

Decoding Europe

Technological Pasts in the Digital Age

Photo: Babbage difference engine Counter detail – front side. By Jitze Couperus  [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr / cropped and filter applied

Welcome to the 9th edition of the

Tensions of Europe conference

27-30 June 2019

organised by the Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH) / University of Luxembourg.

The main conference theme is

Decoding Europe:

Technological Pasts in the Digital Age

The conference will study – in an interdisciplinary way – the impact of digitisation on historical developments and the consequences of the digital turn on the writing and shaping of European history.

The Tensions of Europe (ToE) conference is organised biennially. ToE is an interdisciplinary community of scholars who study the shaping of Europe by paying attention to the role of technology and material culture. It welcomes fruitful interaction between historians of technology and scholars who study technology from all other fields of the humanities and the social sciences.

nbruegger 700x700

Niels Brügger

Aarhus University, Denmark

Bethany Nowviskie 700x700

Bethany Nowviskie

Dean of Libraries and Professor of English at James Madison University, USA

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The conference will be held at the University of Luxembourg’s Belval Campus. With its mixture of former steelwork facilities and modern architecture, Belval is a unique site with an inspiring atmosphere.


Luxembourg offers a broad variety of accommodations. We compiled a list of hotels nearest to the university campus.



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