The 9th Tensions of Europe conference

Decoding Europe: Technological Pasts in the Digital Age


Early career summer school

A young scholar network pre-conference organised by Elitsa Stoilova, Elena Kochetkova, Falk Flade and Roberto Cantoni will also be held.


Main conference

The conference will run from the afternoon of Thursday 27 June 2019 to lunchtime on Sunday 30 June.

Tensions of Europe conferences have always included alternative meeting formats, and this edition is no exception. Poster discussions and “My PhD in 10 minutes” sessions will alternate with more traditional sessions and plenary events, particularly featuring our two keynote speakers, Niels Brügger and Bethany Nowviskie, and also two round tables: “ToE Grand Challenges Research Agenda”, organised by Erik Van der Vleuten, and “Coding Europe, decoding its history”. Lionel Broye and Emmanuel Guez (PAMAL, Preservation & Art – Media Archaeology Lab, Avignon, France) will offer participants with a presentation/performance of media archaeology.

Furnace small

Social events

An optional visit to the blast furnaces will give you a glimpse of the region’s industrial heritage.

The Saturday evening is a chance for participants to let their hair down with the traditional Tensions of Europe evening, bringing a party atmosphere to the blast furnaces!


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